Our Annual General Meeting is to be held:

WHEN: 7pm Monday 12th February 2024

WHERE: THE RANDWICK LABOR CLUB - Level 4, 135 Alison Rd Randwick 2031

  • The Agenda and Nomination Form are below - please scroll down.
  • We will be electing the RRNC Executive Committee for 2024 as well as subcommittees including coaching, grading, fundraising and social committees.
  • We have re-introduced Age Convenors for this season who will be a great help with communication to managers and general organisation, so please consider helping in this role (the 12Yrs Age Convenor has been filled by Katrina Kieran - thanks Katrina!)
  • We have also added a 60th Anniversary Commemoration Committee to help plan our celebration events, gather historical photos etc.


Our community club is run purely by volunteers and without them, you and your children would not be able to play the sport we all love. We are currently looking for new volunteers and are seeking parents or senior players to take over the reigns of the committee. We would love some new committee members with fresh ideas to reinvigorate our club as we move into our 60th year!

The workload of having such a large number of teams is too much for our current remaining committee (some also hold coaching roles or have to handle multiple jobs).  Please join our management team, even to take on smaller roles or assistant roles until familiar with the processes. Get involved, make a difference and ensure our club is able to continue our legacy as a leading, inclusive club in our community.

We hope to see you there. * It is ideal if a member from each 2023 team can attend. If you are interested in any of the Executive positions or being a member of any subcommittee, please submit the form below to our Returning Officer or email your details to rrncreturningofficer@gmail.com . Online and email nominations to be sent in by 6pm 12th February. We will also accept nominations at the meeting.

Want to know more about volunteering and how you can make a difference in your local community? As RRNC Volunteer Coordinator I am happy to discuss further so please email me at   E] or call me on 0438242412. 

Everyone is invited to attend. Can you please advise of your attendance by emailing

Kind Regards
Mary O'Connell
RRNC President



1 Welcome and introductions – President/Chairperson

2 Apologies - Secretary

3 Review of actions from previous annual general meeting - President/Chairperson

4 Acceptance of minutes of previous annual general meeting - President/Chairperson

5 President/Chairperson’s report - President/Chairperson

6 Treasurer’s report - Treasurer

7 Questions to the committee - All Members

8 Declaration of conflict of interest - All Members

9 Proposed resolutions [eg. Membership fees for the year, major expenditure etc] - President/Chairperson

10 Acceptance of financial statement - Treasurer

11 Acceptance of annual report - President/Chairperson

12 Appointment of the auditor - Treasurer

13 Election of officers - Returning officer:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • NetSetGo Convenor
  • Junior Convenor
  • Senior Convenor
  • Coaching Co-ordinator
  • NetSetGo registrar
  • Junior Registrar
  • Senior Registrar
  • Umpires Convenor
  • Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator
  • Uniform Coordinator
  • Equipment Coordinator
  • RRNC Sub Committees - Grading, Coaching, Umpiring, Uniforms, Presentation, Social & 60th Anniversary Celebrations

14 General business [RRNC Member Protection Officer, planning for 2024 Season etc] - President/ Chairperson

15 Meeting close - President/Chairperson


RRNC AGM Nomination Form

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