Our Umpire Co-ordinator should be your primary contact for all things Umpire related.


Each co-ordinator is responsible for the applicable timeslot noted above; however we all work together so if you can’t contact your timeslot co-ordinator try us all – particularly if it is an urgent issue on game day.

The Umpire Co-ordinators will:

  • provide the managers with money to pay your allocated umpires,
  • allocate umpires to the timeslots,
  • find replacement umpires where needed
  • adjust umpires as skill levels improve and
  • advise of training and development opportunities

For any on court umpire issues or behavior problems (eg crowd control, unruly behavior etc) please go straight to RNA Control and request an Association official as these matters must be resolved whilst happening, not after the fact.  Any other issues that you wish to report to the club, should go via the club email 



As we need to cover a wide range of timeslots, we need to allocate umpires according to a number of factors. The allocation of umpires is based on umpire skill level, club participation and reliability. We have attempted to allocate ‘regular’ timeslots for umpires – but as skills improve we may re-allocate over the season to support our umpires’ development.

We have a lot of interest from novice umpires each year, and while the club endeavours to give novices some time on the court, you will also need to take responsibility for your own development. There are very few low grade junior games available for novice umpires to begin umpiring on.

Umpires who also coach for the club are given first priority in this development.

If you are a novice umpire and would like to find out more about other avenues for development (such as team training days where you can have some practice time with an experienced umpire) please contact xxxx 

Please note that Net-Set-Go (7 - 9yrs) teams do not have allocated umpires. The coach /umpire role is combined and the coach will manage both on the court. These teams will only be contacted by the Umpire Co-ordinator when money is allocated to the team manager.


We  allocate timeslots to club umpires based on the above. Each umpire will be provided with their allocated ‘regular’ team for the season (Umpire Co-ordinators will provide this to umpires directly).

It is the responsibility of each Umpire to:

  • Check the draw every week – you will be advised of your allocated team so please make sure you are organised for your umpiring slot. (http://www.randwicknetball.com.au/fixtures/)
  • If you cannot make a game, please contact the Umpire Co-ordinator for your time slot and we will find a replacement. A text message works best please. We will confirm with you so please follow up if you do not hear back.
  • Please note you cannot find your own replacement. The Club will allocate someone temporarily and you can resume your regular timeslot (although happy to take your recommendations).
  • If you cannot do this then you will lose your regular umpiring slot, as it is not fair on managers to be left stranded with no umpire.
  • Be at the game 5 minutes before scheduled start time – make contact with the team manager so they know you are there (and if you are running late – please let the team manager know – we will provide you with their contacts)
  • Follow the RNA Umpires dress code, A neatly presented umpire looks professional and in control of the game. Umpires at RNA must wear club uniform Randwick Rugby has supplied umpires with a white sponsored shirt (tracksuit or playing dress) or whites (shorts, tracksuit pants or skirt and white polo) when umpiring games. Leggings and hoodies are not allowed. Suitable footwear must be worn
  • Follow the Umpires Code of Behaviour (http://nsw.netball.com.au/inside-netball-nsw/library/fact-sheets-and-resources/)



Each team must have a manager allocated. This person is the point of contact for all umpire related activities. We will provide each manager with contact details for their allocated umpire (Umpire Co-ordinators will provide this to you directly). The Netball Co-ordinators will deliver your umpiring money to you on court every few weeks, for you to pay your umpires.

It is the responsibility of each team manager to:

  • Pay the allocated Umpire each week and ensure they sign the score card
  • Contact the Umpire Co-ordinators if your Umpire does not turn up – we will find someone for you if this does happen and also work to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future
  • Ensure they manage their team (& supporters) off court behavior – if there is heckling or disrespect the Manager should ensure RRNC teams know that this is not acceptable
  • If there is any issue affecting the umpire’s ability to manage the game (unruly behavior or other instance that requires support) they should seek the help of RNA association – a quick trip to Control to request an official is the appropriate action.


  • If you are interested in umpiring for RRNC please indicate this when you register and advise your accreditation level / experience.
  • Novice umpires must pass the Section 1 Theory Exam, complete the Level 1 course and attend practice umpire sessions (eg Age Group Grading Days) to be assessed before being appointed to matches. Senior, badged umpires will provide further training and mentoring.
  • RNA conducts Umpire Workshops - date for next session in 2019 is xxxx 

How to become an umpire in five easy steps:

  1. Must be a registered member of Netball NSW.
  2. Download the Rule Book - click here
  3. Sit the Section 1 Theory Exam, Netball Australia Online Umpire Exam Centre
  4. Complete the Level 1 Umpires Course, Netball Australia Online Umpire Exam Centre
  5. Contact your Umpires Convenor and ask for a mentor/coach on local games for practise and experience.


Click here:http://netball.com.au/get-involved/umpiring/accreditation/level-1-umpires-course/


Click here: http://netball.com.au/get-involved/umpiring/accreditation/



In addition to Netball NSW’s General Code of Behaviour, you must meet the following requirements with regard to your conduct during any activity held by or under the auspices of Netball NSW or a District Association, in your role as an umpire.

  1. Umpire in accordance with the Official Rules of the Game.
  2. Treat all players, coaches, match officials and other umpires with respect.
  3. Place the safety and welfare of the players above all else.
    • Ensure the court and its surrounds are compliant with the rules.
    • Take appropriate action to manage dangerous play.
  4. Maintain a high standard of personal behaviour at all times.
  5. Be a positive role model through behaviour and personal appearance projecting a favourable image of netball and umpiring at all times.
  6. Be courteous, respectful and open to discussion and interaction.
  7. Maintain or improve your current performance level and seek continual improvement.





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